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The UWM Research Foundation was launched in 2006 to complement the UWM Foundation and support Research and Innovation at UW-Milwaukee. The UWM Research Foundation is an independent non-profit corporation that exists thanks to the support of business and community partners in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.  

Research Foundation programs are designed to bridge the gap between research and commercializationResearch, the process of creating knowledge from investment, is at the heart of UWM's mission as one of Wisconsin's only two public research institutions.

Innovation, the commercialization of the knowledge, complements research at UWM. By fostering innovation, the UWM Research Foundation seeks to create additional resources and investment at UWM that can further the development of knowledge.

The UWM Research Foundation offers a set of programs designed to bridge the gap between research and commercialization.  These programs target a range of activities from early discovery through commercialization. 

The Research Fellows Program provides grants to graduate students in addition to other types of support. These "kicker grants" help UWM faculty in key areas to attract and retain the best and brightest students who play a critical role in their research programs. 

The Catalyst Grant Program provides seed funding to research projects with high potential for return on investment - through commercialization or the ability to attract funding from other sources.  The UWM Research Foundation also promotes corporate partnerships and startup companies helping commercialize ideas as they reach later stages of maturity.  Underlying all of these activities is the management of intellectual property - which includes assessing ideas, protecting intellectual propterty through patents and copyrights, and licensing activities.

UWM Research Foundation, Inc.
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